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Thread: Global Warming, now Water Shortage

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    Talking the nobel prize

    Sorry folks.....I am not calling anyone a bigot here.... just the way people seem to
    want to laugh it all off seems to be the only analogy I can think of....

    Go find the last Natioinal Geographic magazine from a month or two ago...

    Its called the "big Meltdown" and its pretty interesting.....
    just becasue it is not happenning in your back yard and you
    cant see it ....dont mean it is not takeing place....

    the nobel prize is usually given out to someone that has
    made some significant contributioin to humanity in
    some way.......wether physics, envoronment, math, ect ect......

    I am sure that Al Gore strong armed them somehow to get that proze....

    Al Bore.... as you call him did make a very good
    documentary about the probems that our childrren
    and their children childrens are going to have to face.....

    if you feel that he won the prize because he was the
    VP for my buddy -- "BJ Clinton" -- thats really beside the point..

    I know that old AL isnt blowing anything here..
    or vice versa......

    you can joke all you want about this issue but
    I seriousley doubt that many here have ever seen the movie..
    or will ever sit through it. Its available at blockbuster just down the street.

    and I think it is very infantile to disclaim it just because a politician
    had something to do with it

    its sort of like sitting through a lecture
    on how you are probably going to die in the
    next unknown number of years..
    if something else dont kill ya. first......

    it is very sobering stuff

    now on the bright side...........

    maybe you will get hit by a car today...
    and not have to be around for the really grim stuff........


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