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Thread: Global Warming, now Water Shortage

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    Talking humans are not too smart

    Basically.... geology 101 ,

    most changes to earth are on a geological time table takes tens of thousands of years and more to even happen.....

    Yellowstone park is still a geological baby forming.......

    IN Earth time , the dianasours died off about a minute ago...that was over 60 mil years ago in human time...

    Humans have been around only a verty short time ......

    and the reason most scienteist are concerned
    is we are actually WATCHING both polar ice caps melting away....in real human time

    not something gradual over 2000---20,000 years.....
    its actually happenning in less than 20 years....

    again folks...both polar ice caps are melting before our
    very finite human eyes.....and will probably be gone
    quicker than anyone had ever dreamed it would...

    and that aint good...... on a lot of different levels.......

    and what exactly are we supposed to be adapting to???

    Cass..Greenlnad was called Greenland to trick people to move there back 500 years ago
    usually when they got there they were stuck ....

    ICELAND was named ICELAND becasue it was a very nice place and they gave it a nasty
    name to keep people away......


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