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Thread: Terrazzo Shower Base Installation

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    Question Terrazzo Shower Base Installation

    I'm planning to install a 42" x 36" terrazzo shower base (receptor). The manufacturer calls for it to be installed over a grout or plaster base, insuring even weight distribution to prevent cracking (other manufacturers list sand as an acceptable base). The sucker weighs 365 lbs! Any suggestions on positioning it above the floor and holding it up to prepare the grout, and then lowering it in a level manner to prevent the grout from being squeezed out unevenly? Any tools? I can set it on blocks at the corners, but would still have to remove the blocks and lower it w/out getting hands caught under it. Anyone out there set one of these?

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    Default base

    IN the past I have set a lot of them, although they are not as popular now because of the plastic ones. But I have never set them on anything other than the actual floor, and have never seen one crack. But if you want to use something just apply it to the floor and set the base down. The only place that might not get an even distribution would be the point you use as a "hinge" to lower it.

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    You've got to be the strongest plumber I know.
    I installed one years ago that was a 48x34.
    It took four plumbers to carry it up the stairs.
    I can bring in a cast iron tub with two pretty easily, I don't know why the Terrazo pan was so hard.
    We replaced it two months later, the crack from the center drain just kept getting bigger.

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    Default Cracking Terazzo Pan

    Terry -the terazzo pan that cracked - did you set it in mortar or sand? I've talked both to my supplier's rep (Florestone) and another Terazzo supplier (Acorn) and the both want a base material. I suggested to Florestone that I simply replace the subfloor with a piece of 1 1/8 Plywood that I very precisely support and make certain is dead level and flat. He said it's not just the floor, but that the bottom of the receptor itself is not flat, so the mortar/plaster fills any high/low spot in the undersurface of the receptor as well as the floor.


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