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Thread: Looking for a good high-eff water heater.

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    Default Looking for a good high-eff water heater.

    My searches have led me to several different high efficiency boilers/heaters, for use in a combo system. From the advertising, each is the answer to all the world's problems, of course. But only in a forum like this one am I likely to find people who have good or bad experience with them.

    Trinity, Munchkin and Munchkin Contender are highly efficient, but should or must have an indirect tank heater for domestic. They still come out less costly than the top of the line tank heaters, unless all the other hardware needed to complete the system offsets the difference. Big question: are they reliable?

    AO Smith has the Vertex 50 gallon at 90%. Propane version won't be available for a few months yet, they tell me, and it's not sealed - burns inside air. And over $5000!!!

    AOS also has Cyclone with extrememly high efficiency, but it's a "commercial" unit. Does that matter, if specs & price are good?

    Bradford-White has the EF series, also commercial, in the high 90's.

    Any other favs in the 90%+ range?

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    I had a BUderus boiler and Ultra-Stor SS indirect installed in January...works great.
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    The Phoenix water heater from HTP might be an option. It looks like its basically a Munchkin glued to a water tank.


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