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Thread: New basement rough in advice

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    Default New basement rough in advice

    I attached an image of the current layout of my unfinished basement. I am hoping for some opinions on how to best plumb a full bathroom. If I should use a macerating toilet or if I should cut into the slab and run new plumbing.
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    For the attached image, this is the key to the items designated

    green circle - this looks like a standard vent stack and as far as I can tell the only thing above it are a sink and a dishwasher. I need to fully document my entire layout but this is just preliminary. I am not sure where my upstairs bathrooms drain to.

    The red circle appears to be cast iron and goes to the bathroom / laundry room in our sunken living room

    the pink square is the water line into the house

    the empty square is the location of the furnace and water heater

    the black circle is the floor drain.

    The giant X is where I would like to place the bathroom.

    If I do this it will be my first foray into major plumbing and also cutting into a slab. I am not afraid of most house projects, I just want to know everything before attempting them.

    How big of an undertaking is cutting through the slab and running the plumbing?

    Thank you all for your help!


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    I'm not going to speak to the intercepting of the plumbing but you will need a vent for your new bathroom and you're going to have to run that to the outside. That is a plumbing question though. As for breaking up the concrete that isn't all that bad as long as you have a good back.

    You can use a cement saw or your can bust it out with a large jack hammer. Really depends on the thickness and strength of the concrete. Then carry the concrete out. You'll be laying the new pipes in your trench. You'll need to back fill with sand and then concrete.



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