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Thread: Water Heater About to Blow - Need advice!

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    Talking now that you have your heater...................

    Now that you have a heater that will probably last 10+
    years why in the world would you want to waster your time
    and money worrying about a tankless heater???

    how much money do you think you will save for the troubles
    and expence that you got to go through to get one???

    just wondering

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    Default Am I being irrational?

    Here's the deal. In Tampa, the gas company will trench the gas in for free as long as we run two appliances. There is a $525 conservation rebate for water heater and $100 each for gas stove and gas dryer. We were going to take advantage of the rebates. Plus the $300 federal tax credit for the tankless water heater. It would have driven down our costs quite a bit. We were planning to buy a water heater and clothes dryer anyway so it was the perfect time to convert to gas. Unfortunately, the old water heater decided to go nuts before we were able to get our gas permit from the city. Our top electric bill last year was 51 kw and 31 kw was our low at $3.50/KW so all electric isn't too killer, but we are concerned about the environment. We can do just the stove and dryer I guess but that $525 rebate would be awfully nice and $300 credit would be awfully nice.

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    Go with the gas you will be a lot happier in the long run.
    My opinion only. Donot go tankless

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    Default This is a surprise

    My husband and I just took an energy audit given by TECo electric and discovered something shocking. We average $125 on water heater charges a year and our dryer charges are about $40. The biggest part of our bill is air conditioning and our spa (surprising!). The refrigerator is next. Then the water heater.

    Now that we look at these costs we realize it would be ridiculous to convert to gas since it would take many years to recoup the costs associated with the conversion.

    We are trying to help the environment but sometimes it isn't easy!

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    Default 125 per year???

    thats pretty cheap....almost too cheap

    I would have thought it to be closer to about $400
    per year but then I realized that you live in FLORIDa and
    I bet the attic is hot as hell all the time....

    you literally have a SOLAR Hot Water Heater already
    in that hot attic and your electric elements are just a
    back up for cloudy days....

    you have been helping the einvironment and did not even know it...

    now if you really want to help the environment
    turn off the Air conditioning...

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    Default Lol!

    Tell that to my husband. I would turn it off in a sec. Already I had a battle with him to keep it at 80 degrees (which is pretty pleasant to me).

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    I've told this story before, but when I lived in Kuwait, (this is common in many parts of the world) the water wasn't on all day so they have storage tanks on the roof. The water in that tank at the end of the day would be so hot, it would scald you. So, we turned the WH in the apartment off, and used the hot tap for cold, and the cold tap for hot, and hoped you didn't run all of the cold water out of the water heater. Course, it got dicey in the season changes, eventually, we had to turn the WH back on for a month or two.
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    Default Wh

    That is an interesting story! I think we do have a lot of passive solar gain in the attic. In fact, here is a question I have been mulling over: Assuming that insulation keeps the heat from getting into the tank as much as it does from getting out, I was wondering if there is a point where a water heater should not be thoroughly insulated because the passive solar gain from being in a very hot attic is greater than the amount of heat loss from the tank by having less insulation. In other words, can too much insulation be a hindrance rather than a help?

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    Thumbs up Impressive Lady

    Wow ,You're one smart Gal. Any chance You'd move to Ca.? It's warm here,
    Oh, I'm afraid Fred isn't part of The Deal !!

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    Default Ah California....

    lol! Hurricanes vs. Fires and Earthquakes. I lived in California for two years in the late 1970s - in a handmade cabin in Canyon (located between Montclair and Moraga - near Oakland). Beautiful place - I wonder if it's still there. :-)


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