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Thread: Pencil VS Toto Ultramax

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    Unhappy Pencil VS Toto Ultramax

    Honest, this post is not a joke. My 8 year old son and a conspiring friend managed to flush a full sized color pencil (no eraser) down our BRAND NEW, 2 week old Ultramax. I think the friend was expecting it to do the usual lazy swirl around the bowl before it actually disappeared. I'm sure he was surprised by the instant flush! ANYWAY, so far, the toilet seems to be flushing well. Any chance that pencil is actually on it's merry way to the treatment plant, or is it most likely lodged in one of the trap's bends? I really don't want to pull this toilet back up. For once, even the caulking turned out just perfectly! I've never had much luck with those manual snakes. Any other ideas? I've already made my kid stick his hand as far back in the trap as he can, but he didn't feel anything.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Maybe somebody w/ an Ultramax that is not installed can do an experiment to see if it is possible to get the pencil through the toilet's trap, or if there is a store that sells you can try it yourself (might ask a sales person to help to limit odd looks). Otherwise, if it doesn't plug up it's probably ok.

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    Hard to say if the pencil passed through the trapway or not. I hate to say it, but my guess is that its probably stuck in there. It will probably continue to flush just fine until toilet paper and waste get hung up on the pencil thereby causing a clog. When and if this happens I'd use a closet auger to see if I could clear it. The pencil MAY have passed through, but like I said, I rather doubt it. Flush some toilet paper down it a few times and see what develops.

    Good luck

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    I'm guessing it could have gone through.

    One good test is to wad up a paper towel and see if it passes through.
    Make sure you have the tank lid off in case you need to push the flapper down.


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