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Thread: humming pipes in toilet and faucet

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    Default humming pipes in toilet and faucet

    Hi, I've seen the thread on the "Tuba Toilet" and similar questions asked. My question is all of our toilets on the ground floor seem to be making the humming noise in the pipes as well as all of the faucets. You can feel the floor vibrate. We just had the sewer line unclogged at the street today and I thought that may help the problem but it doesn't seem to have changed the noise at all. Any suggestions?


    Sherri:---Tell your Husband that "Tuba Toilets" are passe and tacky. Insist that he take the nuisense noisemaker back to whence he got it forth with. There are excellent bargains to be had by the watchful buyer. A "Silver Flute" or possibly an authentic "Penny Whistle" might be more appealing to Madames impeccable tastes?
    For those however who consider silence "Golden", you should instruct your husband to purchase a ballcock of known quality lest he invite unwanted
    noises to eminate from the bathroom.
    Just one thing before you send your Lord of the Manor on this quest for a quiet flushing loo.
    Ascertain that he has in fact fully opened the water supply valve to the "China Throne"..Bud..
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    Clearing the waste lines wouldn't make any difference. I don't think your waste is so moving that it would make the pipes shake rattle and roll.

    The first thing I would check,
    is the water shutoff valves, are they open?

    Do the flappers hold water in the tank.
    A little food dye in the tank and let you know.

    Does the fill valve shut off when the tank is full?
    Sometimes repair or replacement is needed.

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    Love that Tuba Terry,


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