Newbie here, thanks for the forum, admins!

I moved into a new apartment and went to remove the aerator to install my own that couples with my portable dishwasher. As I tried to unscrew it, the threads snapped off due to corrosion.

I have tried a few things in removing the threads but no luck to far. I bought 'pipe nipple extractors' from Home Depot, but the largest one is just a tad too small to fit in the faucet mouth. I was thinking about trying to wrap a washcloth around it and try that, but I am doubtful.

I tried soaking in LimeAway and tapping a tiny screwdriver inbetween the threads, but that spelled the end of that screwdriver as it bent and became worthless. I may try an awl next.

Currently it is soaking in CLR. Does anyone have advice for me? Like I said it is an apartment, and my manager is never going to get around to a replacement faucet, it took me three weeks to get a front door key that doesn't take 20 minutes of jiggling to open the door. Seriously.

Thanks so much!