I have a motor, actually 8 of them that came from Italy. The writing isn't exactly what I know/understand but there are some specifics I can give that are clear.

The motor is wired for 220 1 phase. The cord prongs dictate 220 setup. This motor has a capacitor on the top concealed inside. Here's a link to the product I'm dealing with:


The questions I have,

Can I convert to 110volt, IF I can't, can I use a converter or do they make one that will work off 110 and send juice to this motor without damaging it?

My electrical source to these is mainly going to be fed from power outlets at large functions......and if I bought a welder-generator if that would support 220 feeds.

I can take the top off of this and show the wiring into the motor but there are no tabs for me to switch to 110 lugs. << This makes me sad as this is an unexpected discovery on this recent purchase.

Anyone with this expertise, I'd appreciate it.