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Thread: leaking delta 1700 amature repair

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    Default leaking delta 1700 amature repair

    hello all,

    Im happy i found this forum and thanks in advance.

    i have a leaky delta 1700 and for the life of me i cannot figure out how to remove the cartridge. After a bit of googling i am assuming that i just need to replace the two spring loaded washers in the back of the cartridge. I have attached a pic of where im stuck. do i turn, twist, pull? in what direction?

    If i completly sound like i dont know what im talking about please let me know as well and point me in the right direction.

    Thanks again!
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    Talking Easy to do

    first you must pull off the chrome shaft
    that surrounds the cartridge....

    then under neath that chrome shaft is the brass nut
    that holds the plastic cartridge in place....

    be very careful with that inner nut....

    soak it with wd40 , tap it a few times...

    make sure that you are turning the nut only
    and not the
    whole body of the faucet cam....

    if you turn the whole body,
    you will literally twist the faucet
    right out of the wall

    if it wont turn due to calcium deposits
    then you need to use a hack saw and cut the nut
    off ,,,, then that means a new nut...

    If you call Deltafaucet.com they will send you
    free parts.....

    I suggest you change the cartridge too
    while you are into it...

    you should be able to look up the specs on line somewhere...

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    Thanks for the quick reply
    its been about a month since i took this pic i will get in there this weekend and take more if needed i think under the chrome shaft is another brass shaft i think thats where i got stuck.
    also if i get it out does HD usually have the parts needed on the shelf if i bring in the old cartridge? Thank you

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    is the brass shaft threaded? is that the nut?

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    Don't count on a Big Box Store to have the parts you need. Go to a real plumbing shop. Take as much of the old pieces as possible for comparison.

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