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Thread: basement drain design

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    Default basement drain design

    Building a new house and wondering if it's a good idea to install a basement drain to get rid of water in case a pipe breaks or maybe to get rid of that backwash from a water softener. Since this is pre construction I can place the drain pipe under the footing and have it vented to outside air. The basement will have 8 foot walls and a poured 4" floor when complete.

    What type of pipe should be used for this system? Since it would go directly outside and not to the septic tank do you need to have traps? (will they help in keeping critters out of the basement). Does it need to be vented?

    Since construction has not started I wondering if it's worth the extra cost to put something like this in . . . .

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    Isn't this required by code?

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    Default drain

    If you do not do something like this, where is any spilled water going to go?

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    As far as I know a drain inside the basement is not required by code, my current house has a curtain drain around the footing vented to the outside, but nothing on the inside which doesn't make much sense to me . . . .


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