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Thread: Sand now in filter

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    I have a existing well, been in the house @ 4 years the well and house is @ 20 years old, not sure of the depth of the well but the sub pump is set @ 150ft.

    Had a lack of water pressure, actually constant pressure. I replaced a old whole house filter that I could no longer easily get the filters for, after a few months I discovered I installed the filter canister backwards, the in to the out and out to the in(don't say it I already did).

    Well I fixed that and also checked the bladder in the tank, it had @ 27 psi so I increased that to match the low side of the pressure switch(40/60),I have it approximately @ 38/40 psi. The filter canister is filling up rather quickly with sand, I've checked and it seems like well the well pump comes on @ 20/30 secs later I get a quick burst of sand and then the water runs clean. Not sure if the sand is in the storage tank, since I had the filter backwards for some time or for some reason coming from the well. Any help would be appreciated.....Kenny

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    If your well is pumping sand and you don't want to replace it with one that doesn't produce sand, get rid of that inline filter and get a real filter. The sand will still eat your pump, but you will be free of sand in the house and you can quit buying those useless filter cartridges.



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