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    I had a licensed plumber re-plumb my well house during the course of a remodeling job. The previous plumbing used Wirsbo Pex to connect the water softner. The plumber cut the Wirsbo and made a crimp connection to a brass fitting. It's my understanding that Wirsbo uses a different connection type other than a crimp ring. Is connecting Wirsbo Pex using a crimp ring a problem? I don't know what type fittings were used other than they appear to be brass. Hopefully they are not the brand that has a class action suit I've read about on this forum.

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    my understanding is the law suit is against Zurn fittings(not the pex tube). I have heard good and bad about Wirsbo and they cant be used together. But I am a plumbing novice and PEX virgin, so take my input lightly


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