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Thread: Split 240 line?

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    Default Split 240 line?

    I am in the process of doing a bathroom remodel. The power for the bath was on a lighting circuit (I think 15 amp, its not marked in the panel); this served five lighting fixtures and 1 outlet. My original plan was to leave the lights for the bath on this circuit. I have an unused 240 volt line running to a baseboard heater that is not being used, I was going to remove the 240 breaker, and replace with 2 120 volt breakers and run one to the bathroom, and eventually the other breaker for our living room. A buddy of mine thats been helping with the plumbing says that I don't need to do that, I could just split the 240 line in a junction box, running one to the bath, and the other to a junction box in the crawl space for future use. It made sense, but when I check the cable that is run for the baseboard heater, it looks like 12-2 wire. Forgot to mention that it is a 20 amp circuit. Is it kosher to split a 240 circuit? I want to do this right, and I am thinking that I should change the breaker at the box. If this was a 3 wire cable, could it be done, or maybe I should say should it be done?
    Also, should the lighting and outlets be on separate circuits for the bath?

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    THIS CANNOT BE DONE with that cable. You are correct, you could have split it if it was a "3-wire".
    You can convert it to a single 120v circuit, that's it.

    If the lighting is mixed with other rooms you cannot have the bath receptacle on with it.
    I would leave the lighting as is and use the converted circuit for the bath receptacle alone.

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    Your baseboard appears to be supplied only 240V, If there is no neutral wire in the cable, you cannot split.


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