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Thread: Receptacle Wiring, stumped

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    Unhappy Receptacle Wiring, stumped

    a while back i replaced my duplex receptacles in the kitchen and in doing so half of them work and half dont. its obvious they were wired in a daisy chain effect but here is my problem.

    the first outlet on the end of the run does not work. the next two in line do (one is a GFI), the next two after that do not work and then the last one is a GFI which does.

    I have two different wiring examples going on. in one junction box there is one cable and 6 wires (2 hot (black) and 2 neutral (white) with two ground). in the next box i have two cables each carrying 3 wires (2 hot (black) and 2 neutral (white) with one ground). i hooked the two hots on the brass terminals and then i hooked the two neutrals to the silver terminals.

    i turned the power back on and my receptacle tester still shows no power at all. the tester i have is a plug in that lights up when all is connected correctly. right now there is nothing.

    is there a specific way in which the hots/neutrals need to be wired? like one needs to be on the top terminal while the other is on the bottom or does it not matter?

    if anyone could help me figure this out i would greatly appreciate it!!!!:

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