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Thread: "Up plumbing"

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    Default "Up plumbing"

    Ok, I'm in a 15 year old ranch in northern Mississippi, but it's new to me, the house has gray polybutylene in the slab. I don't think the poly is bad but I don't like it. I can tell the previous owner had several problems with the connections in the walls (slow leaks that rotted the tackless carpet strips) I am currently renovating the house and thinking about "up plumbing”, that is running the water in the attic, with cpvc. HW heater located up there as well. I also have plans of relocating the laundry room on the other side of the kitchen, which is about 30 feet from original.

    Has anyone heard of up plumbing? If so, do you run the pipes on top of the ceiling joists or through them? (Laundry room pipe run is perpendicular to the ceiling joists)

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    In Florida they are run over the top of the joists. Down here they are also run over the insulation but we don't have freeze concerns. I'd be concerned about the water heater in the attic without any kind of safety device. Ever see a tank rupture in the attic?

    I hate water under the slab, it seems the only ones who do like it are the original plumbers.
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