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Thread: sand in new well

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    Unhappy sand in new well

    I am a new home owner with a 165 ft deep well (new) I keep getting sand in the house from the well. the builder told us to run the well 12 hours or so to get the sand out. some 30 plus hours later we still have sand. by the way we run the water at the well head. could there be sand in the holding tank that needs to come out first. we need help on this matter this is my fist well .

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    I don't know about your builder, but he sub contracted that well drilling to someone else. This is the person you need to be going after. In my many years of drilling, I have always promised sand free water. The water quality was left up to God so I couldn't promise what kind of water I would find.

    I would stay on this until the driller comes out and does something to stop the sand or you will have problems from now on. Plugged aerators, washing machine hoses, toilet fill valve problems etc. The pumps impellers will also be damaged by sand.

    If this is a screened well, he may have over screened the well. He can pull it and change to a smaller slot size. If it's a rock well, sometimes blowing it with a compresser for several hours will solve the problem. But no matter what, something needs to be done.



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