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Thread: New Softener Contaminated Permanently?

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    Unhappy New Softener Contaminated Permanently?

    We had a plumber install a water softener and neutralizer last week. While installing, we noticed a slight smell of gasoline. He told me that the salt bags were sitting in his garage next to a generator and that some of the fumes must have attached to the salt bags but that there was nothing to worry about.

    Today, I decided to take a look inside the salt tank and was overwhelmed by gasoline fumes. Clearly, something is wrong with the salt so I called him. He said he would come out and replace the salt for us next week and that we should bypass the system for our water needs until then.

    I decided I didnt want the fumes in my house so we struggled to get the tank outside tonight.

    The plumber seems like a nice guy and he has done a lot of other work in my house without any issues. In fact he always does a great job.

    This has me worried though.

    1. Have we been drinking and showering in contaminated water for the last week?
    2. Are the parts and particles in the two tanks (neutralizer and softener) permanently contaminated at this point?
    3. Is replacing the salt going to be the solution or do I have to be concerned about replacing everything?
    4. Is my hot water heater contaminated now??
    4. Where do I get this water (the potentially contaminated stuff) which I have saved in a jar tested? Maybe the EPA?

    I dont want to spend the rest of my life worrying that the system is poisoning us but I dont want to ask him to replace the whole system and seem like a fool if that isnt needed.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    Talking NO...its probably fine

    they were not dipped in gas

    and you have gas all around you all the time..

    its no big deal ..

    you might smell somethign but its
    not a big issue...

    once the unit re-generates once its pretty much
    flushed out ok....

    dont worry about it


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