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Thread: Will this rough-in work?

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    Default Will this rough-in work?

    Hello new guy with shower plumbing question.

    I don't know too much about running copper pipe. Don't seem like it would be a problem, but I have a question.

    Will this layout work, or will I have some water pressure issues with the 90 degree corners. I think it would look better to have the volume control valve above the main shower valve. Diverters are kind of expensive, so I thought I could use the main shower valve to control the temperature of the hand held, and just have it where I could turn on the hand held when I want it, and turn it off when I don't.


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    If you don't mind the main shower head spraying you while you are using the handheld it will work, but seems sort of redundant. Why go to all the work of installing a new shower and then go cheap on the diverter? At least you could use two volume control valves, but then you would use them to turn off the shower which would cause other problems.
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    I guess you have a good point. I'm doing glass blocks and everything, not going cheap on anything else. The only reason was, it's my mother-in-laws, and she only wanted the hand held for the grandkids to play with. But for resale value, I suppose a diverter would be the best option.
    What type of diverter do I need, how many ports? All I want is A or B or both. Is that a 2 port diverter, or 3 port? When it says 2 ports, does that mean 2 output ports, or does it mean an input and an output port? Will all diverters give me combinations ie. A or B or both?

    Thanks for your time,


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