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Thread: Tub/Lav Swap- Need advice on venting!

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    Default Tub/Lav Swap- Need advice on venting!

    Hi there. New to the forum, looks great. Here is the current project I'm beginning. Main level of house- unfinished basement below. Square bathroom with a shower unit on one wall, opposite wall has a lav sink. I am removing the shower, moving the vanity/lav to the shower's old location, then putting the new tub unit where the lav is. Main vent stack is 3". The shower was approx. 3' from the main vent stack. I've alrady converted the shower drain to the lav drain. I've trying to figure out venting for the tub drain. The tub will be approx 10' from the 3" stack. The tub drain is 1 1/2", which I'll then tie into the old lav 2" drain line. The old lav drain has a 1 1/2" vent that was tee'd into the drain as it went into the floor (this ties into the 3" stack in the attic). My plan is to tie my tub drain and overflow together, then trap (1 1/2"), then tie into 2" sink drain. I plan on using a wye when I connect the tub drain to the 2" line, take the vent back up into the wall, above the sink overflow line (42"), and then tie onto the 1 1/2" vent. Will this pass inspection? I'm a little fuzzy on this drain/vent setup, so any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    I am adding an attachment with my schematic. Hope that will generate more response, I am sure my explanation was tough to understand. Thanks!
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    Anyone? Any help is greatly appreciated!


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