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Thread: No pressure & no water !!??

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    Default No pressure & no water !!??

    Bought a house that has been vacant for a year and tried to start well pump, at first water came out for about a minute and then nothing....... now what ??? pressure gauage reading close to zero ...... used a compressor to push air into tank... turned pump back on and nothing !!! HELP !!

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    The pressure in the expansion tank should be 1-2# less than the turn-on point of the pressure switch. How much did you put in the tank? My unprofessional opinion..
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    Not sure... I have a construction crew on site and the foreman offered to push air in with his compressor. I am at a loss ......don't know what to do next...

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    The pressure tank controls the pressure switch that turns the pump on and off.
    With the water pressure drained down (sounds like it already is), use a tire gauge to check the pressure tank. Set it at two psi below the pump cut-on pressure by adding air with the compressor, if necessary (i.e., if the pump is set at 30-50, the pressure tank pressure should be at 28 psi).
    After setting up that long, the pump just may have lost prime IF it's a shallow well surface pump. Do you know if it is a shallow well (25' or less) or a submersible pump (down in the well)?
    I can tell you how to prime it, if it's a surface pump.

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    The well is deep so it it most likely in the well....... any clue on how to prime it ?


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