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Thread: cleanout installation

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    Default cleanout installation

    i,m installing a cleanout to main sewer line made of cost iron .the city required abs type .the problem how to cut the cost iron pipe and is there a easy way to connect the 3 inch abs to 3 inch cost iron and what type of glue do i need.
    thank you.

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    Default abs

    There is no glue that will connect plastic to cast-iron. You have to use the transition couplings approved by your city to join the two.

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    Default cleanout installation

    thank you for the replay

    is there a way to cut the cost iron pipe ,can i use the grinder weel or drill a round it then break it off.

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    .Sawzall 18 teath per inch will do the job on cast iron pipe.6in blade.

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    If you've got enough room to get the thing around the pipe, rent a soil pipe snap cutter. Takes all of a minute to cut the pipe. It has a large chain and a ratchet mechanism. Sort of like a bicycle chain with round tapered disks in the middle. Wrap it around the pipe, capture the closest link, then start cranking on the ratchet. It puts pressure on the CI, and will cause it to snap, or crack it where the points go. Works slick. You can rent one from most any tool rental place. A grinder or sawsall will work, but it is more time consuming and harder to get it straight. You'll probably go through a few blades, too. CI is very abrasive, and it gives cutting tools grief.
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