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Thread: Hot water takes too long to come out at all!

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    Default Hot water takes too long to come out at all!

    I just bought my first house and am having a problem with the shower's hot water coming out.

    I turn on the hot water and nothing comes out at all, no water, no drips, and no noise either. If I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes it will just all of a sudden start and is plenty hot. This morning I left it on for half an hour before it started up! The cold water starts up no problem and the hot water turns on very quickly for every other appliance in the house. The Hot water heater is located about 15 feet from the shower.

    Any advice, help, and suggestions are much appreciated.

    Thanks - Mike

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    If it is thermostatically / pressure controlled, the control in it may be bad.

    Is it a single handle and what brand is it?

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    It has tow handles, hot on the left, cold on the right. As far as I can tell, there are no markings on it to determine the brand.

    Also, how can I tell if it is thermostatically / pressure controlled?

    Thanks - Mike

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    Today it was quicker to come out but still took about a minute. Anybody else have some ideas?


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