Doing a total remodel on a 80's ranch in Ca. I could not find the style or color of frame for replacement windows so I ordered alunimum replacements with a 1 1/2 in. flange in a dark color,( vinyl would fade ) please let me know if you think this type of install will work.

I removed the drywall and glass and the old frames ( poped out with pry bar ) down to the studs, I caulked between the studs and stucco and tooled it in so no gaps and ground stucco to get a smooth flat outside flange surface. Then I wrapped the studs with builders paper and caulked (IPS ) on the window flange close to the window frame aprox. 1/2 in. bead high and wide, set windows and screwed into frame ( chanel ) to studs from the inside, then caulked outside edge of window flange at stucco as well as inside of frame ( metal to wood ) will also redash stucco. I ordered the windows with a fairly tight fit and will finish inside with wood trim. Your thoughts please.