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Thread: Red clay tile floor

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    Default Red clay tile floor

    We have a red clay tile floor in our home. It is from the late 50's or 60's. It appears that is was waxed, probably over several years, and there are places where there is a lot of build-up of wax, but not all over. Other areas of the tile has a strange "haze" on it. I have tried a stripper on the waxy areas and it has removed the wax but leaves the tile dull and hazy.
    Is there any way to remove the haze and restore the finish?

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    Sounds like saltilo tile. Ask your question over at www.johnbridge.com and see what comments you get...they deal with tile a lot more than the people here.
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    Johnbridge is the best source.

    If it is wax, you do have to strip that. Whitish stains can be effluorescence if the floor has moisture under it.

    Today, the best treatment for saltillo is high performance sealers, which are available from matte to 'wet look'. But you need to get the surface cleaned up, and that's where JohnBridge.com will help.


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