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Thread: Kinetico and Salt

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    Default Kinetico and Salt

    Ive had a Kinetico softner for about 6 months now. I notice after it regenerates my water tastes a little salty, then it goes away shortly after that. I mentioned this to my dealer a few months back and he really cant give me a straight answer. It leaves a white residue on sinks where water has dried that wipes right off. I have also noticed that my humidifier filters are getting white salty deposits on them. Is this normal. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Gerry

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    Not familiar with that brand, but it sounds like it is not properly flushing the brine. Call the mahufacturer for service. These white deposits are not normal.

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    Default connectico is an odd ball

    conneectico is an odd ball unit.... I cant repair it ..parts are an issue, it is probably a two tank system, which switches back and forth during regenerations.

    you are at the mercy of the person you bought it from.

    what is happenning is the salt is not being rinsed totally out of the unit during the rgeneration cycle.

    they should be able to repiar it if they know what they are doing.

    PS... drinking high levels of salt water will give you HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE

    if you have it already, get this problem fixed ASAP!!!

    If they wont fix it , tell them you want your money back ect ect, call the BBB if necessary, whatever it takes

    here is a site to a very good type of unit if things get ugly..



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