Hi, I just moved into a house that I'm renting and I'm replacing some of the outlets as they are old 'double-t' style ones. The wiring is armor clad and I'm using self-grounding outlets. The first two I did went fine. Normal readings from hot to ground and neutral to ground. I just did one in the kitchen, though, and I'm getting around 13V-14V hot to ground and about 23V-24V neutral to ground. There are four outlets total on this circuit and I get about the same readings when I tested two of the old outlets, using the plate screw as ground. Now, the fridge is also on this circuit and is plugged into the one outlet I haven't tested yet. Could the fridge be causing these readings? I haven't tried to take a reading yet w/the fridge unplugged. I'm using a Craftsman digital multimeter.