For the past week or so I have been trying to speed up a slow shower drain with Zep drain care. I have used 3 doses over the past three days and saw some improvement. I then dumped boiling water down the drain in hopes of further loosening up the blockage, after letting it fully drain and sit, I flushed the drain with more warm water and then added another dose of drain care and left it.

I cleaned up after dinner (using the garbage disposal a little) and went to the bathroom where I noticed that the drain was now full of blackish water and more was coming up whenever someone ran the water in the kitchen.

I guess I did dislodge something, but these are less than the results I was hoping for!

Ive heard of the hose method, but I live in a small apt and that could be difficult and messy.

The shower drains slowly so I could still use more of the drain care, hoping that the bacteria eventually get down to the base of the plug, but I dunno.

Oh, and when I went to try and snake the drain a while ago I discovered that the drain does a 90 right at the beginning so I couldn't get the snake to fit down into the actual pipe.

I don't really want to call the plumber if I can get away with it, but I would also like to shower some time soon.

Any ideas or advice would be great