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Thread: sterling bathtub/wall surround unit-HELP

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    Question sterling bathtub/wall surround unit-HELP

    Sterling ensemble tub not level-1/4" off. Trying to install wall surrounds but of course the right and left panels will not install properly. One of the tabs will fit the slot but the other will not. My husband seems to think this is not a big deal, that we can just caulk the gap and not worry about it. Is this true?
    Worried in Houston.

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    Default Base not level?

    Did you check level of the shower receptor? Set the base in mud--it should be easy to level when you do this.

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    The tub really needs to be level, otherwise it tends to leak; plus, it just may not drain properly. Caulk is a poor choice for primary sealing...you want the panels to fit together properly, then the caulk is the secondary seal.
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    Tub is already set in a mortar base on top of plywood which is screwed into subfloor. I guess what I'm asking is can any kind of modification be made to the panels to alleviate the problem? I don't think anything can be done to the tub since it has already set. Otherwise, I guess we will have to hope for the best with the caulk. Thanks to those who answered.

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    Don't get me wrong it isn't easy. However a tub will pop out of a mortor bed. The old dogs recommend putting an open garbage bag over your mortor before you set it.

    If you get it poped off, you can use more mortor or foam to set it level.

    Good Luck



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