In the front of my house I have always had a Spigot (what I called em) with the water pressure dial knocked off long ago.. So I just didn't use it much. It leaked profusely so I had bought a small attachment with a lever for turning it off.. Without leaks.. That seemed to work for years.

Today I was wanting to fix it right.. So I went to Home Depot.. Described it as above, and ended up leaving with a Sillcock replacement, a tube of Pipe Joint Compound, and a main key for turning off my main water while I did this fix.

It all made sense as described at the Depot, because my existing spigot (Sillcock) was actually coming out of mortar between our rock wall.. Just looking at the new Sillcock, I could tell that I could twist that whole unit right off the pipe.. And put a new one on..

All this was based on my assumption that the pipe came all the way out of the rock wall and I had a threading on the end of that pipe.

I loosened it.. Completely took it off I think, but quickly realized the existing Sillcock was permanently connected to a pipe that must have turned with the unit as I was loosening it.

I think I've basically disconnected a pipe within my interior wall.. I turned the main on a little bit and hear water in the wall

What am I looking at with this kind of mistake? I have left the main water supply off for now.. But need to get if fixed pronto.

Please let me know what kind of things will have to be done.. Will they have to cut into the interior wall now?

Thanks in advance,