New member here trying to absorb all the knowledge I can from this forum.

I have just roughed in an entire basement (1200 Sq Ft) under an old farm house. In the basement floor I have installed 1/2 pex on 1 ft centers for radiant heat. On the first floor of the home there is approximately 1200 Sq Ft as well. There is also an upstairs that consists of app 300 Sq Ft. The house will have 200 amp of service after this coming week. Since my next steps are to install an HVAC system, system for the radiant heated floor and possibly a new water heater (I am on propane) I wanted to ask some ideas.

Questions that I have for the experts are:

1). What is the best type/style of system to install to fullfill my needs with both the radiant floor and for heating and cooling the rest of the home?

2). Is 200 amp service enough for whatever the recommendation is in question 1.

3). Any advise on any other do's and don'ts.

P.S. I was advised at one point to do a ground water heat pump (open loop) to combine the two systems, but I feel this would tax my jet pump too much and have a difficult time trying to find a spot to run the exhausted water.

Thanks in advance