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Thread: Toto EcoNexus instead of Aquia

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    Question Toto EcoNexus instead of Aquia

    Hello. I need some help deciding on a toilet.

    I am remodeling my bathroom and had been planning to install a Toto Aquia Dual Flush toilet. My supplier had highly recommended it and I have been wanting to get a dual flush toilet for a while as well.

    My supplier had 50+ in stock in late July. I placed my order early August, and they were out of stock. Now it's 2 months later and they're still in backorder, and apparently the supply problem is not just in Miami and I cannot find a single Toto Aquia (in white) anywhere! I have been told they're not expected before December and I can't wait that long.

    I started looking at other dual flush toilets, and the only one that I considered was the Caroma Caravelle, but the one piece toilet is more than twice the price of the Toto Aquia and I am just not crazy about the look of their two piece Caravelle.

    I found another dual flush toilet locally, Trend T-1003, nice looking toilet, reasonably priced ($350) but I am really not sure I want to take the risk with an unknown like that. I cannot find any information or reviews online about it.

    So today, I am browsing through the Toto website and stumble upon a new toilet, the EcoNexus.

    The look is very similar to the Aquia, and while it's not a dual flush, at least I'll be saving water on every flush. However this toilet is so new that I can't find any reviews on it either. I also noticed that the original Toto Nexus was not on the list of recommended toilets on this site. Is the Nexus not a good toilet?

    Has any one tried any of the Toto Eco toilets yet?

    Thanks for your help.

    Toto Nexus
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