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Thread: Plastic tub overlay?

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    Smile Plastic tub overlay?

    A handyman friend of mine knows my tub is rusted on the bottom edge. He heard something about a plastic tub and perhaps shower wall overlay that clicks into place, but he wasn't certain. Anyone hear about this or something similar?

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    There are many companies out there doing "rebath" systems. That is, putting an acrylic overlay over the tub and walls. It's "pretty" but I've seen mold/mildew issues with these systems at times. Not ALL installations mind you, just some. Also, I dont care for the "squishy" feeling of the liner due to the silicone used to hold it in place. All that being said however, it usually is cheaper than a new tub/surround installation and there are times that money is an issue of course.

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    Default tub

    I have seen a lot of these which were professionally installed, and a large number of them where water got between the liner and the tub so you felt like you were walking on a water bed.


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