Hey I am new to the forum..obviously...I am a certified water treatment plant operator btw..

Home systems I do NOT know everything about...

I am now in a rural area and am about to have a well installed tomorrow..to replace an old hand driven 1 1/4 point, going to a 4" submersible putting out 12 gpm.

My question is I am thinking about putting in a softener for iron removal and normal softening...do most people hook up their softener to hot water only?

I remember it was this way at my dad's house years ago..... this plumbing system here is a nightmare, the house was built by the original owner and it's a conglomerate of soft copper, CVPC and God know's what else...
No hangars on anything...luckily it's a small house I guess..

Do you guy's run your cold water soft also?