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Thread: Tub Waste Shoe Leak - Fine thread pipe?

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    Talking Tub Waste Shoe Leak - Fine thread pipe?

    Hello all -

    I just put a new tub in our bathroom. The waste shoe continues to leak from where the shoe connects to the tee. The threads on the tee and nut are very fine - cannot use a pvc nut. Went to Home Depot, Ace and ******* and nobody has seen this 1 1/2 fine threaded nut/connector before. I have replaced the rubber O ring twice and it still leaks. I cannot use a PVC ring/gasket because it sticks out too far from the nut/connector and I'm unable to thread it to the tee. The tee is not cracked, and the shoe sits level.

    Am I tightening this connection too much?
    Is it really that tricky to get a waste shoe set properly, I have never had this problem with say, P trap connections on sinks. What gives? This is driving me nuts!

    Any insight is appreciated!


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    A pic of the parts in question as well as a manufacturer name would assist...

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    if the pipe is not straight you can get leaks. It could be off just a little. I have taken the apart and reinstalled a few times just to stop the leaks.

    I would also goto a real plumbing supply house to find what you need.
    I'm just starting to work with an old friend of mine to bring solar electric and hot water systems, wind turbines, Flex Fuel Boilers, batteries, hydroponic gardening, books, pellet grills and more. Also the parts for DIY installation.


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