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Thread: New Tub Problem- won't get clean!

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    Default New Tub Problem- won't get clean!

    I've had a brand new Veritek tub installed about 3 months ago in a complete bathroom remodel. From the beginning parts of the tub have been very hard to clean. By hard to clean , i mean it takes 30 to 45 minutes to clean parts of the tub floor and it never looks completely clean

    The general contractor says that this is normal... I simply can't believe this is true. There's only two of us using the tub! I specifically bought a fiberglass tub because I've read that fiberglass tubs are easy to clean. He says there is nothing wrong with the tub even though one can see a 6 by 6 inch area that never gets clean and seems to have scratches or something (the area feels different than the rest of the tub). I suspect that either something was spilled or dropped on the top .

    Can someone give me opinion on whether this is normal? The GC seems to think if I'm not satisfied that it could be refinished (at my expense!), but it's a new tub. Of course we tile around the tub!

    thanks much

    I'm stressed!

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    This has been my experience and I'm not very happy about it myself. I bought the Kholer Villager expecting it to be much better at the over $300 price tag. I was wrong.



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