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Thread: Plumbing experts, I need your help on two faucets!

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    Default Plumbing experts, I need your help on two faucets!

    Hi everybody. I'm new to this board and am glad I found it!

    Here is my problem.... I have two showers in my house. One is a combo tub and shower that has the hot, cold, and diverter knobs. The other one is just a shower only so it just has the two knobs. They are probably 25 years old since I assume they came with the house. They are both leaking enough to bother me, so I figure it's time to repair them.

    I have fixed quite a few faucets in my years of living in apartments in college, but I've never seen one that looks like either of these, so I don't know how to get them apart to go get the replacement parts.

    Can anybody identify these and tell me what tools I'll need? The main problem I'm seeing is that it looks like a special tool is required to take off the "trim" piece (not sure of the official name). They are both different though. It looks as if I have to get that trim piece off in order to get the stem thing out.

    Here are pictures of the two faucets. If you can look at them and tell me what you know it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Are you sure those eschusions dont just unscrew? Kind of looks like it to me. Of course without getting my hands on them I dont know for sure.

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    Default Well.....

    I've tried to unscrew the silver one. The outside of it just spins. The inside part of it just stays there. I took two screw drivers and jammed them in and pushed and the whole thing spun a little.

    It appears that there is some special tool that fits in there to remove them. They each are a little different though, so it looks like it is two different tools. The brass colored ones don't move at all, but there are two notches on the front that appear to be a space for a special tool to fit in there. Maybe I'm overcomplicating things.

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    Default trim

    For the silver one it is two pieces. Find a socket wrench in your tool kit that fits snugly inside it and then grab the "inside" part and turn it. The socket will prevent distorting which would make it harder to unscrew. The other one could be a Harcraft or Sayco, but until you get the stem out and compare it that is just a guess from the handle design. You will just have to grab it and twist, damaging the finish in the process. The least damage will be if you can grip the outside where it meets the wall, rather that the tapered part by the stem.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the advice hj! Ok, now my last bit of info I need is do I need to remove these pieces before I take out the stems? Or how do the stems come out? Do I just pull them? In the past I've replaced the cartridge style, or the type where you took of a nut and then pulled it out to replace a rubber washer or the whole stem.

    Everything just seems to be stuck in there like it isn't ever moving anywhere.

    I just want to make sure I can get the stuff out, get the parts I need, and then get them in and get the water back on within a couple of hours.

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    Default stems

    Once those two pieces are off there should be a fairly large hole in the wall that you can insert a socket into to unscrew them.

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    Default old faucest should probably be changed

    before you get yourself into trouble, you might want to be sure you got goood shut off valves to both of these faucets,,

    or you could get into deep do-do, and once you are in it, you are really in it.

    I am not sure what brands that they are,

    and fools rush in where wize men fear to tread..
    the single handle one looks scarey to me, you might have a chance with the three handle one

    I think I see new faucets in your future..

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the tips guys. I got it taken care of. It was a piece of cake. The rubber washers on the back were just dried up. I took the stems out, put new washers on them and it was good as new.


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