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Thread: Hey all! Softener Install Question

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    Default Hey all! Softener Install Question

    Hey I am new to the forum..obviously...I am a certified water treatment plant operator btw..

    Home systems I do NOT know everything about...

    I am now in a rural area and am about to have a well installed tomorrow..to replace an old hand driven 1 1/4 point, going to a 4" submersible putting out 12 gpm.

    My question is I am thinking about putting in a softener for iron removal and normal softening...do most people hook up their softener to hot water only?

    I remember it was this way at my dad's house years ago..... this plumbing system here is a nightmare, the house was built by the original owner and it's a conglomerate of soft copper, CVPC and God know's what else...
    No hangars on anything...luckily it's a small house I guess..

    Do you guy's run your cold water soft also?

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    I would take the iron out of all your water. Taking it out of the hot sounds good because of the water heater but think out the other fixtures. Your toilet will act up from iron like stains and flappers getting covered in iron. Iron will mess with all your stuff.
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    First you need a water analysis for iron, hardness, pH and manganese if possible. You should examine a frequently used toilet for evidence of IRB. You should also note any odor in the water as you spray it into a bucket.

    You should treat all the water in the house. It's the only way to do it right.
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