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Thread: Mission Impossible: Table Saw

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    Hey guys,

    I recently returned the Ridgid Portable 10" table saw to HD. It is a great saw with one major exception. It's maximum depth cut is 3 1/8" I want a saw that has at least 3.5" depth cut at 0 degree/90 degree.

    So does anyone know of a high quality portable table saw that has that depth of cut but also allows for fence rip in the 20" range? (ie an extendable table) That is portable or can be strapped to a portable stand like the Ridgid portable cart?

    The budget is pretty open but I'd like to stay under $700.



    P.S. I like the Ryobi saw all except the fence. It is very poor in the quality department and causes differences of about 1/4" over a sheet of plywood. Does anyone know if there is another fence that I can mount on a Ryobi table saw?

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    Suspect you are going to have a problem finding a 10" which will cut 3.5 on a 45.

    I do have the saw and am very pleased with it. I also had a 10" Ryobi which I gave away just to get rid of it! No comparison in quality.

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    I don't need to cut 3.5" on a 45. I need to be able to do it on a 90 or 0.



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    Sorry, meant to say 90, brain fart.

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    Makita makes one that cuts up to 3 5/8". Except they don't have an expanding table so the largest fence guided rip you can make is about 12".

    I need some ideas guys or I'm going to have to go buy the Ryobi.



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    Fine Homebuilding did a review on those awhile ago. Not sure if you can access it on-line without paying for it, but maybe. At least, you should be able to identify the issue, and maybe read it at the library.
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    Looks like the Makita is the only one that makes 3.5"+ in this review. The Ryobi isn't listed.

    To get to 3.5" depth of cut they have to sacrifice bearing size and table thickness/stiffness. You may be sacrificing good features of a saw to get something that you will rarely use unless you are ripping a lot 4" nominal stock.


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