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Thread: Can I use a cleanout for a toilet?

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    Default Can I use a cleanout for a toilet?

    I would like to add a half bath to my soon-to-be finished basement. The main line runs about 18" under the slab with a cleanout coming up at about a 45-degree angle about 20" from the wall. (see attached layout...)

    The line runs at a slight angle under my basement slab towards the back of the house where it meets the stack and goes to the roof... I've already mapped out venting out the side of the house but I'd like to pick the experts brains...

    Rather than digging to the main line and Y-ing off, can I did down, cut the cleanout, use an 8th elbow to go vertical, tee off for a sink drain and then add a flange for a toilet?

    There's a cleanout at the base of the stack too so is that good enough?

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