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Thread: low well flow

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    I hand drove a 1.25" galvanized pipe 50 ft. At that depth, which is also the depth of my house well, I got into water. My water level comes up the pipe to 13ft from the surface. I hooked up a 1.50hp flotec sprinkler pump. I have a check valve installed 6 inches from the intake of the pump. The pump primed easily and began pumping water. Steady flow, however only about 2.5 gal a minute. Any ideas of how to increase my flow or why it is so low. Wrong pump? Not enough water in vein, or maybe all of the above. I don't need heavy flow, just enough to run into my pond periodically to keep it full. Speedbump guided me through my pipe driving process and hopefully he is still out there to give me some ideas again. Thanks

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    I think you have way too much pump and the wrong kind of pump. Irrigation pumps are usually straight centrifugal pumps and don't have a lot of lift. Also, irrigation pumps have high flow which means that it would pull down the level in the well if it pumped at capacity.

    I would have selected a shallow well jet pump to pump what you need for water; maybe 6 GPM. The jet pump will operate better at greater lift and will not be as likely to over-pump the well.

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    I agree with BobNH.

    If you are at the same depth as your house well and it produces good, maybe you used a different screen than your driller did on the other well. Maybe it's a larger diameter than your 1-1/4" well.

    I would go get a Hand Pump to do the test with. That is the best way to determine the wells capability without spending a lot of money up front.

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