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Thread: Well pump turns on every 30 min. HELP

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    Default Well pump turns on every 30 min. HELP

    I installed a new Red Jacket pump 5 months ago. My well is 330' deep and the water level is 60'. Pressure switch is set for 30 to 50lbs and the tank is holding a precharge of 28lbs. The system has only 1 check valve that's in the pump.
    The pressure will drop in about 30 min. and the pump cycles back on. I shut the water off to the house but the pump still cycles every 30 min.
    Could a leaking pitless adapter O ring be causing this? Should I install another check valve? If so where is the best place for the check valve?

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    Yes the pitless could be causing this, so could a pinhole in your droppipe or a dirty checkvalve.

    No you shouldn't add another check valve.


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    You could isolate portions of the feed line from the well temporarily [using check valves or existing shut off valves] to determine better the location of the leak before pulling it out. Might be above ground.


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