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    Hey Gang, I have a Gould Deep well pump. Today the pump started acting funny. it starts pumps to 30 psi then the pump stops but the points on the NEW pressure switch stay closed.Then about 5 minutes latter the pum comes back on goes to 40 psi points open and shuts pump off??? Does my deep well pump have a thermal protection where it runs ,gets hot then shuuts down then cools and comes back on?? Thanks Stuey

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuey
    Does my deep well pump have a thermal protection where it runs, gets hot then shuts down then cools and comes back on??
    Yes, I believe so, and you might have someone pull it to see whether a good cleaning might resolve the problem of its heating up and stopping. But if it is already fairly old, this might be a good time for replacement.

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    Default Stuey

    Thanks for the info.

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    You need to borrow or buy a clamp-on ammeter (and ideally, borrow the owner to show you how to use it or to use it for you) and measure the current when the pump is running. Then compare that current to the current for that horsepower motor.

    I suspect that you will find that it is drawing more than the correct current.

    Causes of drawing too much current are usually one of the following:

    1. There is a hole or split in the pipe from will to tank that is bypassing a large flow, which overloads the pump, OR
    2. The impellers or motor have been damaged or there is other damage that is causing the pump or rotor to drag, causing it to draw too much current.

    In rare cases you could have a power leakage due to bad insulation. That is usually not the case because such a failure will usually draw enough current to trip the circuit breaker.

    Another possibility is if you have a Pump-Tec or similar device that shuts the pump off on low water, and often has a time delay to let it restart.

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    Default deep well

    we had a lightning strike close to my house it burnt my neighbors farm swell pump about a quarter mile directly below my place at the same time my pump started acting up.Could this have hurt my pump so it drags or overheats and shuts down then cools and comes back on.

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    It sure can. Lightning is responsible for a lot of submersible pump failures.



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