Hi Again!

So, my son helped out by installing the stringer for the tub. However, he did not use a level and after the tub was in (again) it sort of rocks. And not in a good way. I am able to get my fingers and a pencil under there to mark the gaps. By myself, I can and did slide the tub out just enough to clear the 2x4 but not enough to unscrew it from the studs. I have some handy dandy cedar shims and adding them on the top of the 2x4 1,3,4 makes it even. I am willing to take the tub out again ( 3-4 times), if that is best, but if this will work it would be easier.

Secondly, the plumber, took the instuctions for the drain set up with him. Apparently the ONLY piece of trash that he picked up. It is black ABS I think. There is a thick washer that goes between the drain and the tub and then a drain piece that screws in that seems to be totally coated with plumbers putty. Do I need to put anything between the washer and tub, or washer and drain? Should I put fresh plumbers putty all over the metal drain?

And lastly, If I do take the tub out again, should I put insulation on the floor? For some reason this americast tub says not to put it in mortar and not to have the tub touching the ground. I am wondering if insulation touching it would mess it up.

Thanks guys. Let's hope this is the weekend it finally gets done!

nursedoe ( finally now a nurse practitioner!)