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Thread: How To Plumb & Vent My 3-Piece Basement Rough

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    Default How To Plumb & Vent My 3-Piece Basement Rough

    The attached photos depict how the 3-piece bathroom rough-in located in our basement was installed by the builder.

    The 2-inch PVC by the wall is assumed to be for the sink.
    The 4-inch PVC (reduced to 3-inch) is assumed to be for the toilet.
    The 2-inch PVC (with trap) is assumed to be for the shower (or tub).
    The 4-inch PVC below the 3-piece rough is footer drainage.

    I have also attached photos of what I believe is a 1 1/2-inch vent line that was extended into the basement from the first floor (by the builder as well) and am wondering if I am allowed to connect my basement bathroom vent(s) to this line.

    As I have been read conflicting information online, can someone please tell me how all 3 of these pieces are plumbed and vented properly.

    If there are further questions or additional information is needed, please ask.

    Thank you in advance for the help!
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    Here, the toilet would not be vented as installed. In addition, they used a very circuitous way to install the piping.


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