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Hello everyone, new to the site. I cant believe how much research involved in getting a new toilet today, glad I found this site.

I have narrowed my search to this toilet, but no one has a review or comments on how good it is. Can anyone that has this let me know how is working, thanks.

Oh, Im in Canada and checked out getting it, they said its brand new and they should have it in about 2 weeks, but they want $399 and I see it in Terry's store for about $220, can believe the difference in price.
I'm not in Canada but northern California but thought I'd make some comments to your posting!

I FINALLY replaced two old (one pre-1980 and one from 1985) water guzzlers. I had been waiting until the water district here in Marin County put the Drake Eco on its rebate list (will only give rebates on the Drake Eco and the Aquia) and they finally made the list recently.

The price here was $256 for the EcoDrake EL and $48 for the soft close seats - we figured that was a pretty standard price and grabbed two. I gather that they can't keep them in stock for very long -- they tell me they've been very popular.

I couldn't be happier with mine -- what a difference from the old ones. Flush is really fast and quiet compared to the old ones too -- startlingly quick. I was worried about so little water to whoosh things away but absolutely no problems there either. Maybe it's just that they're the EL models and my old toilets were all Round, but the Toto seems to be a bit larger and stands out more, especially in my smaller bathroom. But that's really OK and just something to get used to. My friend who installed them had no problems whatsoever and he got them both in and others hauled away in just a couple of hours.

I never thought I'd be having a conversation about toilets and do so much research on them -- but I'm really pleased with these and think I made a great decision. Lots of the credit for that decision goes to Terry, his website and the forums. Thanks!