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Thread: KWC faucet

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    Default KWC faucet

    We have a KWC kitchen faucet for 18 years ( Domo model). It need some repairs. I looked priced replace this model with another KWC faucet. I was surprised at the price but I will continue to shop around.

    I know this is an opinion question but are KWC kitchen faucets worth $ 100 to $ 200 more than a Delta faucet. ( single lever).


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    From what I'm told, KWC is the biggest faucet maker in the world...makes most of the US manufacturers look like corner store operations. You could probably get repair parts, but if you want to replace it, not sure it is worth the premium...they do have some styles that would be worth it if you like the look, and their quality is good, but it will be harder to find parts, although they should be available. One of the problems with stuff from Europe (and I'm sure not all of their stuff is made in Europe) is the exchange rate...the US$ just isn't worth nearly as much as it used to be over there.
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