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Thread: Basement Bathroom from Scratch

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    Default Basement Bathroom from Scratch

    Perhaps you've all read my previous thread about perhaps craming a bathroom under the stairs... after some measuring, it's just not going to fit...

    So I figure I can put it at the bottom of the stairs... please forgive the picture as it is not to scale... there actually is enough room to build a bathroom down there...

    Anyway.... the toilet to the main line is going to be really close... like 16"!

    I also need to plumb in a sink as well... not enough room for a shower...

    In red I have drawn where I'd like to place the toilet... please veto me if I'm an idiot... or there is an easier way...
    Three questions..

    a) where would I run the toilet vent off of with what fittings... I know I cant vent from below by code. I can use an AAV and there is no access to the roof for a vent.

    b) How and where am I going to plumb in a sink

    c) can I tie the toilet and sink vent together to use one AAV


    Here is a layout...
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