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Thread: New fan installed has one very dim halogen bulb

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    Default New fan installed has one very dim halogen bulb

    I just had a new ceiling fan installed and the light is so dim it's ridiculous. The fan came with a 100 watt halogen bulb. If the bulb was in the box for a long time, could that make it dim? Should I get a new bulb? I need a brighter overhead light in the room! The fan also has a remote that uses a 9 volt battery. The remote replaces the switch on the wall.

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    Sounds like a it's dimmed, try reading the owners manual, but I bet if you push and hold the light button on the remote it will ramp up to full brightness.

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    They don't get old sitting in the box. You could light up Fenway Park with 100 watt halogen. Most likely wired wrong, or as already suggested, you may have a dimmer on the lighting circuit.


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